Like its name Sing Orpheus is draped in mythos and mystery…
Formed in 2008 when after circling each other in different musical entities Bassist Jeffrey Sebelia and Bassist Terry Borden thought it was time to start writing together. Their interest in layering frequencies and focusing on how music was felt and not just heard, led them to decide there would be no guitars allowed in this new venture…  Like Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) or Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) before them, Sebelia and Borden were trying to push the boundaries of what the bass guitar could do. Now the only thing left was to find someone with a unique voice and presence that could match the sonic output of their creations… and that someone was Cassandra Church.

Sebelia who is a successful fashion designer and the winner of “Project Runway Season 3” found his muse in Church. Not only did he use her as an inspiration for the clothing he created, but he realized that her voice was a perfect fit for his and Borden’s musical creations. PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Nick Cave and Robert Plant were all big influences on Church when she started singing. Overtime she would mold her influences into something totally her own… and Sing Orpheus was born.

After being hold up in a rehearsal room for months recording and honing their sound, it was time to explore the live possibilities. As Sing Orpheus began to play live, the members found the experience transforming… “I think live we are a different kind of thrill ride than you get from our recordings” says Borden “For one thing it is a lot louder and certainly a more physical experience, and I feel like the music we make benefits from the type of psychic communication that goes on between us and an audience, ideally everyone becomes part of the performance and we channel that through our playing into an intense collective experience that is hard to describe in words”. Sebelia continues “The live experience is intense… I feel that as individuals working to convey a message via our separate talents, we struggle to be understood, so that comes off as raw energy and an honest communication of who we are.” Church goes on to sums things up… “It’s the most important thing we do. As an audience member I always want to see an amazing performance that’s emotional and honest, and giving that performance as a singer is most fulfilling to me.”

This Summer Sing Orpheus will release its first EP on Dilettante and while their live performances are what the band hold dear… Their 5 song debut EP is a vicious and beautiful piece of work that delves into the dark recesses of the psyche. From the rage and pent up frustration found in “I Can’t Swim” to the tortured funk of “She Wants To Go” and battered blues of “He’s Sick” Sing Orpheus has found a way to make past styles rise from the dead in a new form.  With the final two songs on the EP, “Lullaby” and “Hypnotic” a more spatial sound takes hold and moves the listener into eerie melodic dreamscapes that are somehow both ugly and beautiful.

Like their namesake Orpheus, who passed through the underworld playing his music and by the beauty of his songs convinced Persephone and Hades to give him back his wife. Sing Orpheus start their journey through the underworld trying to convince the masses that music is still the most powerful elixir of all.




Jeff  JACQUIN artist mgmt


Orally: 818.736.5160

Faxually: 818.736.5163

Physically: 116 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91505 USA


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